Latest news: what’s different about Year 4? 

We are now in the fourth and final year of the LCI program. This means we are empowering more Catalysts and enabling more transformational projects. It is particularly exciting because our most senior Catalysts (Tier Four) will be leading much larger theology and the sciences projects at the regional and international level. They will also serve as mentors to more junior Catalysts. 

Year 4 runs from April 2024 – March 2025 and includes four Tiers of Catalysts.  

We recently welcomed 21 new Catalysts into Tier One: 11 from Francophone Africa and 10 from Latin America. They will take part in a year of training and development in theology and the sciences and will also get the opportunity to run pilot projects or lead smaller-scale events.  

In Latin America, we received so many strong applications for Tier One that the LCI regional team in Latin America has opened up a new “extended cohort.” This will allow 10 additional individuals to benefit from the LCI’s training over the next year albeit with less mentoring and financial resources than regular Tier One Catalysts. It’s a great opportunity to test out what a future LCI-type program could look like with less financing.  

Graphic containing statistics about the LCI

Across both regions, 15 Catalysts have been selected to advance to Tier Two. They are starting to lead their first theology and the sciences projects and are tackling such topics as disability, corruption, smartphone use, mentoring for Black early-career researchers and increasing the representation of women in doctoral programs.  

After a rigorous and extended selection process, 16 Catalysts have been selected to lead larger-scale projects as part of Tiers Three and Four. These Catalysts will receive greater support and funding to develop and expand their projects and will often lead projects in teams. We look forward to telling you more about their projects soon. 

As we look back with thankfulness for all the project activities that happened last year (April 2023 – March 2024), we invite you to take a look at our Project Snapshots photo gallery. 

And looking ahead, the LCI is running a photo contest. We invite you to share a photo that speaks to you about God’s Word and God’s world. Winning entries will be featured in Wonders (the LCI newsletter) and on our blog. The deadline is September 15, 2024. Find out more information here.  

Please pray with us:  

  • Thank God for the Catalysts that have committed to being part of the LCI in Year 4 and for all the advisors, consultants and mentors who have provided input on their projects. 
  • Pray that Catalysts’ projects would be fruitful: stimulating new conversations about theology and the sciences, strengthening campus witness and helping bring God’s kingdom on earth. 
  • Pray for discernment for IFES leaders as they decide how to continue helping students and scholars integrate theology and the sciences once the LCI’s Templeton funding concludes in 2025. 

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