We believe the gospel has something vital to say across every discipline, from politics, economics and science to ethics, education and the arts. We want to see disciples of Jesus authentically engaging in all aspects of campus life and conversations, so that the message of the gospel reaches and transforms every part of the university.

At the heart of the Logos and Cosmos Initiative is a vision of holistic discipleship that takes the university seriously as a place to love God with our hearts, our souls, and especially our minds. We are eager to raise up leaders who will live in undivided devotion of the Lord Jesus by exploring every possible point of contact between their spiritual and their academic lives.  

A wide variety of people have applied to become Catalysts: university students, faculty members and IFES staff in national movements. We are looking for people with passion and potential for experiencing the Kingdom of God in all of life, especially in the academic and scientific spheres. We are looking for people who will seek to develop into thought leaders in the interaction between Theology and the Sciences, and through that interaction to coordinate Christian dialogue and witness.

The LCI will invest in Catalysts through holistic mentoring and skills training so they can learn to run projects at the interface between Theology and the Sciences: scholarly networks and conferences, curricula and training events for campus fellowships, published study guides and articles, and so on. At first, these projects will aim at a small target, perhaps a single campus. But catalysts who remain in the program for three years or more will run projects at the national level or beyond, and will be given opportunity to mentor new catalysts and to envision new initiatives beyond the lifespan of the LCI.

The video below introduces you to one of our 2021 Catalysts, Dr Jonas D De Basabe from Mexico. Head over to our blog to meet more of them!

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