Meet the international team

Our international team includes people from all over the world to serve the Logos and Cosmos Initiative in Latin America and Francophone Africa.

Ross McKenzie, Leader of the Logos and Cosmos Initiative, is an Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Queensland, Australia. He was an undergraduate at the Australian National University and received a PhD from Princeton University, USA.

Ross is married to Robin, whom he met in an Intervarsity USA group for graduate students, and has two adult children, both of whom were involved with AFES as undergraduates. Ross helped facilitate the Big Issues in the University Projec (2017-18), and over the years, he has interacted with IFES student groups in the USA, Australia, South Asia, Serbia, Slovenia and Sweden. He is a member of the Simeon Network (AFES) of Christian academics in Australia. 

Ross enjoys writing two blogs: Soli Deo Gloria: Thoughts on theology, science and culture, and a blog related to his scientific research, Condensed Concepts.

Sophie van Houtryve works as Operations Manager for the Logos and Cosmos Initiative and is based at the IFES International Services in Oxford, UK. She holds a Masters in Translation (Dutch, English, French and Spanish) and a BA in Biblical & Intercultural Studies.

Sophie became a Christian through the IFES movement in Flanders, Belgium (Ichtus) and has worked in a variety of roles in IFES as well as the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. As a freelance translator and editor, she’s been involved in a number of publications over the years.

Sophie lives with her husband Tim and their three children in a village near Oxford.

As Curriculum Manager for the LCI, Stephen Ney coordinates mentoring and online training for catalysts and advocates.

Formerly a lecturer in English & African literatures at the University of Sierra Leone, he continues to live in Freetown with his family. His postgraduate degrees are in Biblical Studies and West African literary history. But his first degree was in Maths & Computer Science, and he is grateful that the LCI has allowed him to reactivate some of the interests he had as an undergraduate.

Stephen has enjoyed participating in the conferences of IFES national movements in the Gambia, the Philippines, and Nigeria, as well as his native land Canada, where his father was on Inter-Varsity staff many years ago. 

Cayley Weaver has a degree in Theology from the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa where she specialised in pastoral studies and completed specialised research on psychological factors used in improving ministry models.

She moved from South Africa to the UK in 2015 and has been living in Liverpool with her husband, Wilson. They are both very involved in their local church and run the youth ministry team.

Cayley first worked for IFES as an assistant in the lead-up to the 2019 World Assembly and was also part of the Logos and Cosmos Initiative application team.  

Timothée Joset is married and lives in French-speaking Switzerland, were he works with the local IFES movement. He is responsible for the Faith & Studies ministry which trains students to integrate their faith and their studies. Having experienced Christian engagement with the University first hand, he wants to share his passion with others. Formerly student member of the IFES International Board, he’s currently doing a PhD which explores the rich past of IFES from historical, theological and missiological perspectives.

Timothée is a bookworm and serves as the LCI librarian.  

Penny Vinden is a freelance writer whose current focus is on content editing for the IFES e-learning program. She has been involved with IFES on and off since she served on the executive of her university’s IFES group in Canada. Her long and varied academic history has taken her from undergraduate studies in English literature and Philosophy through Theology to Education and Psychology. Time as a literary consultant with Wycliffe Bible Translators, her PhD research and university tecahing have taken her to Peru, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon and the wilds of several US cities. She still loves learning about different cultural expressions of who we are as God’s creation.

Sarah Orner is the grant writer for the Logos and Cosmos Initiative. She is currently based in West Virginia, but has lived in Florida, California, and Wisconsin, as well as Costa Rica and Panama. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Seattle Pacific University and has worked for IFES/USA since 2016. Prior to that, she worked as a copywriter and editor, and also for Intervarsity/USA on the Urbana Operations Team.

Sarah is married to Kevin, who is a university professor, and they have one child. 

Yadira Colin was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She studied in a private French school but the social unrest in the country forced them to move to Paris where she studied an LEA Spanish/English degree and then moved to Granada (Spain) to a Translation and Interpreting Masters. Yadira became involved with IFES that year and started a study group for her flatmates. She has been part of interpretation team during World Assembly in 2015 and 2019 and is excited to now be part of the LCI team.

Jean Bieri is from Congo Brazzaville, currently residing in Canada. He earned a PhD in Theology – Biblical Studies from the University of Geneva, a Post-Graduate Degree in Biblical Studies from the Catholic Institute of Paris (ICP) in 2004, an MDiv in Theology with a Concentration on Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1990.

Jean conducted Post-Doctorate work in Condensed Matter Theoretical Physics at the University of Southern California and University of Urbana, earned a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Paris-Sud in 1985 (working with Prof. A. Fert, Physics Nobel Prize, 2007), and both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Toulouse.

Jean developed an e-course for the LCI: An Introduction to Science and Theology.