Photo of Alejandra Ortiz

Alejandra Ortiz lives in Tijuana, Mexico with her husband Abdiel and daughters Erandi and Ayari. She studied History at the University in Tijuana and has a Masters in Theological Studies, specialising in church history from Regent College, Vancouver. She is currently part of the Engaging the University team for IFES and serves as Co-Coordinator of the Logos and Cosmos Initiative in Latin America, seeking to promote the connection and dialogue of faith and sciences among students, workers and faculty linked to IFES.

Alejandra enjoys reading and writing about motherhood, theology and spirituality. She continues to serve part-time in Compa (IFES National Movement in Mexico) in the area of formation.  

Josué Olmedo is married to Ruth and they have two daughters: Ana Gracia and Ela Paz. They live in Quito, Ecuador. Josué is a dentist who studied Education and Theology, and he is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Theology where he is exploring the relationship between the sciences and the Christian faith. As a student he became actively involved in CECE (Ecuador’s national movement) and served as its National Director until 2019. Now he serves in the regional team of IFES America with the pleasant tasks of promoting ‘Engaging the University’ and being Co-Coordinator of the Logos and Cosmos Initiative in Latin America.   

Photo of Josué Olmedo
Photo of Jouseth Moya

Jouseth Moya was born in Quito-Ecuador. She is an International Business Engineer by profession and has been working with the Community of Christian Students of Ecuador (CECE) since 2017 where she is currently a Team Leader of Staff workers in Quito and part of the National Team with the role of Logistics and Administration. She has worked with the CECE graduate ministry for 3 years, strengthening bridges between faith and work, and faith and science.

Gustavo Sobarzo is the Tier 1 training coordinator for the Logos and Cosmos Initiative in Latin America. He lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife Katherine and their three daughters, Josefina, Camila and Fernanda. Gustavo is a veterinary doctor and has a master’s in microbiology, and has worked as a professor of veterinary microbiology for more than 15 years at the Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello. Until February 2022 he served as staff worker and then as general secretary of Grupo Bíblico Universitario de Chile (GBUCH, the IFES national movement), and is currently part of the ‘Engaging the University’ team for IFES Latin America. 

Photo of Gustavo Sobarzo