Sparking curiosity and wonder about theology and the sciences 

Equipping young Christian academics to lead theology and the sciences projects is at the heart of the Logos and Cosmos Initiative.  In 2023 – 2024, our Catalysts are collaborating with their IFES national movements to lead 18 projects in two IFES regions: Latin America and Francophone Africa.

Each project is designed to spark curiosity and wonder about theology and the sciences and how they complement one another. Many of the projects tackle immediate challenges in Catalysts’ local and national contexts, such as student mental health, poverty, climate change, food security, and gender-based violence. 

Catalysts in Tier Two are now leading their first projects. Meanwhile, some Catalysts who led projects last year (2022 – 2023) have advanced to Tier Three and are scaling up their projects, aiming to have an even greater impact at the regional and national level. 

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