Deborah Vieira has just completed her Master’s in Literature at her university in Brazil. She helped to pioneer the Christian Union in her university when she first began her studies. She has served as secretary of Arts and Culture for her IFES national movement, and has discipled many other members, especially those in the Arts. 

Deborah is part of an Arts and Culture university group where discussions between culture and religion are encouraged, but she has found that these conversations sometimes lack grace and understanding.

Her hope is to further her research about the theological understanding of arts and culture to bridge the gap between Christian and secular beliefs and debate. Here she shares why she wanted to become a Catalyst in the Logos and Cosmos Initiative.

introducing you to one of our catalysts: onesphore from rwanda

Onesphore Hakizimana is completing his Master’s degree in Animal Production at the University of Rwanda. He is also a volunteer employee of GBUR (the IFES movement in Rwanda) as secretary of evangelism, prayer and mission. Onesphore has a powerful life story and is passionate about sharing the good news. Here he shares with us what he is learning as a Catalyst for the Logos and Cosmos Initiative.